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From playing Zeppelin when they were new and hosting groundbreaking festivals, to the ‘80s Sunset Strip craze and the Grungy ‘90s, and now with today’s next wave of new rock stars, KLOS has shaped Southern California’s Rock & Roll DNA for over 50 years.  KLOS is the 2021 Marconi Rock Station of the Year Award winner, and SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA’S ROCK STATION.

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Heidi Hamilton

The Heidi and frank show

Heidi is the girl next door who is just one of the guys. She’s the kind of girl who can dress up and look like a lady on Saturday night but call her on Sunday morning and she’ll help you move a couch. Heidi has a laugh that people either love or hate, but you can’t help but recognize it immediately and wonder what in the world could be so funny?

Frank Kramer


Frank is one of radio’s most outspoken, quick-witted, and funny talk show hosts. He has topped the airwaves, dominating the AM/FM and podcast markets for nearly two decades. He is the most honest, belligerent yet surprisingly charming guy you will ever meet. Inattentive to your feelings, he will always speak the truth; rest assured his ghastly opinions come with honorable intentions.

Marci Wiser


Marci grew up in the Midwest with her big personality and loud music and after being discovered on a college radio station, the rest, as they say, is history. Marci is obsessed with Dave Grohl, she’s addicted to “Law & Order” reruns and Smart Water, and she suffers from misophonia, which means certain sounds and words drive her up the wall and back.  When she’s not hanging out at KLOS, you can find her at clubs, theaters, parks, mountains and the beach.

Doug "Sluggo" Roberts

Kevin & Sluggo

Doug “Sluggo” Roberts* claims he was born a poor lumberjack in the back woods of Nebraska, but he has, in fact, lived most of his life here in Los Angeles. Kevin and Sluggo are longtime friends with deep history in their radio careers. They both love being the entertainment for Los Angeles in the dreaded afternoon drive.

Kevin Ryder

Kevin & Sluggo

Kevin was the co-host of “The Kevin & Bean Show” in Los Angeles before coming to KLOS. He is an NAP and Radio Hall of Fame Member.  Kevin and Sluggo are longtime friends with deep history in their radio careers. They both love being the entertainment for Los Angeles in the dreaded afternoon drive. 

Greg Beharrell


Greg is an awarding-winning, internationally syndicated radio host, and an award-winning TV host and TV writer. He was previously at Live 105/San Francisco and currently also does radio shows in Canada, and is the Canadian voice of JACK-FM. He’s also an international voice actor who has worked on campaigns for Disney/ABC and Apple and narrates for two TV shows: “First Dates” and “The Audience.”

Matt Pinfield

Kevin & Sluggo

Matt Pinfield (born Matthew Pinfield) is an American music personality, television host, and radio DJ, best known as a video deejay on MTV and VH1. Initially, he was the host of the MTV2 alternative music program 120 Minutes, which he also hosted from 1995 to 1999. In 2015, he became a DJ on SiriusXM Radio’s Lithium channel. Pinfield is the host of the nationally syndicated “Flashback” program, and he worked as a Vice President of A&R and Artist Development for Columbia Records. Matt Pinfield has been a prominent figure in the rock scene for decades. His knowledge and history has already made his show a go-to for interviews with big name artists on KLOS.

Full Metal Jackie


Full Metal Jackie is the author of FULL METAL JACKIE CERTIFIED: THE 50 MOST INFLUENTIAL HEAVY METAL SONGS OF THE ‘80s AND THE TRUE STORIES BEHIND THEIR LYRICS, which is online and available in stores. She began her radio career as a DJ at WSOU, Seton Hall’s legendary metal station.  Over the years she has been on air at various rock stations around the U.S. including Indie 103.1 here in Los Angeles.

Chris Carter

Breakfast with the beatles

Breakfast with the Beatles w/ Chris Carter is America’s longest-running Beatles show and Southern California’s No. 1 rated Beatles show.

Host Chris Carter brings along vast knowledge, radio chops & deep love & appreciation for “The Fab Four.” Breakfast with the Beatles weekly playlists includes a consistent blend of: Hits, rarities, outtakes, theme sets, LP tracks, special premieres & of course, KLOS listener requests & live broadcasts. Mr. Carter also has the advance, inside track on all Beatle related news, new releases, and fab events.

Jim “JD” Daniels


Growing up in So Cal, JD was a typical kid with big dreams. Singing in his garage band “Redline” was a nice leg up into the radio business, KOMP Las Vegas was the first gig. JD spent years criss-crossing the country, working with the biggest names in Rock and Sports: Houston, Detroit, New Orleans, San Diego, all stops on his personal US radio tour. In the post-pandemic world, JD has resurfaced as the KLOS Weekend Anchor. He is on the air from 2pm to 8pm on Saturday and Sunday — taking phone calls, playing requests, sharing rock n’ roll stories, making mistakes, eatin’, smokin’, and keeping an eye on the local sports world.